Tocvan Diagnostic Leach Study Reports High Percentage of Recoverable Gold and Silver


  • Diagnostic Leach Study Reports High-Percentage of Recoverable Gold and Silver (Au: 95 to 99%; Ag: 73 to 97%)
  • Head Screen Assays Report High-Grade Gold and Silver (2.7 to 24.9 g/t Au and 8.8 to 74.2 g/t Ag)
  • Gravity Concentrate Assays for Gold and Silver range from 35.6 to 290.3 g/t Au and 53 to 1,152 g/t Ag
  • Majority of Gold and Silver can be Recovered with Gravity Concentration and Agitated Cyanide Leach
  • Drill core sample indicates same recovery potential at depth (150m down hole) as at surface.


Video Discussion Link: https://youtu.be/Mt4IxzA8WVw

We are pleased to provide the results of a Precious Metal Diagnostic Leach Study from its Pilar Gold-Silver Project in Sonora, Mexico. Five composite samples were collected for the study; three Main Zone surface channel composites (samples 494741, 494743 and 494745); one 4-T surface channel composite (sample 494747); and one drill core coarse reject composite (sample 494749) from drill hole JES-22-62 at 150-meter downhole depth, 125-meters from surface (108.6m of 0.8 g/t Au, including 9.5m of 7.6 g/t Au). Table 1 summarizes the findings of the report and highlights the total recoverable amount of gold and silver possible by gravity concentration followed by agitated cyanide leach of the gravity tails. Precious metal characterization for each sample is summarized in Table 2, highlighted by a large percentage of free gold and silver with the remaining portion predominantly “exposed but attached”, indicating a large percentage of the gold and silver can be recovered. The study was completed by independent and ISO certified LTM.

“These results far surpass our expectations and provide us with new insight on the optimization of gold and silver recovery at Pilar” stated Brodie Sutherland, CEO. “To have such a large percentage of the gold and silver free and accessible for multiple recovery methods allows us to evaluate the most efficient ways to develop the project. This is a huge checkmark for the project and an excellent indicator to the industry that Pilar can be developed. We look forward to further evaluating the bulk sample data in the coming months.”

See Report Below:

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