Tocvan's Vision & Mission

Our vision

Develop into a leading mineral exploration and development company in Mexico and beyond. Deliver value for our shareholders through discovery of world-class deposits in established mining jurisdictions.

Our Mission

Identify undervalued advanced stage targets with the potential for large scale mineral resources. Create shareholder value through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Advance our project portfolio with technical tact and aggressive drill targeting. Build our team from the strength of local technical talent and strong community relationships.

Environment - Social - Governance


Tocvan Ventures is committed to sustainable practices throughout each facet of the business. We understand that a strong dedication to the environment, good governance, and community relations not only adds value for our stakeholders, but it provides the opportunity to make a lasting impact and achieve sustainable growth. Our success is measured by a high standard of ethics along with meaningful objectives and noticeable results.

Tocvan Ventures ESG objective is to deliver long-term stakeholder value through safe, low-cost mineral exploration in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


  • Strive to exceed all regulatory requirements for environmental performance
  • Ensure responsible use of resources
  • Continually identify, analyze, and manage environmental risks
  • Ensure minimal impact to the environment


  • Work openly with all stakeholders 
  • Actively contribute to the communities in which we operate
  • Always act in a socially responsible manner
  • Continue to build and maintain relationships with those around us
  • Building local expertise by actively engaging with universities in our jurisdiction


  • Strictly adhere to all laws and government regulations while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
  • Constant communication with our stakeholders through clear, comprehensive disclosure