Tocvan Ventures

Corporate Vision


Vision and Values


Identify undervalued advanced stage targets with the potential for large scale mineral resources. Create shareholder value through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Advance our project portfolio with technical tact and aggressive drill targeting. Build our team from the strength of local technical talent and strong community relationships.


Tocvan was created to take advantage of the prolonged downturn in the junior mining exploration sector. The management team spent time assessing and identifying opportunities that they felt they could turn around and build off previous success. Tocvan Ventures currently has approximately 39 million shares outstanding and is earning into two exciting projects, the flagship Pilar Gold Project and the El Picacho Gold Project in the Sonora State of Mexico.


Tocvan is guided by technical excellence, innovation, and an ethical approach in all its operations.

• Integrity

○ Fulfilling commitments

○ Fair and reliable communication

○ Openness and collaboration with stakeholders

• Rigour

○ Scientific, pragmatic and results-oriented approach

○ Solid and responsible financial management

• Courage

○ No big victories without taking risks

○ Exploring new territories through the power of ideas

○ Boldness and tenacity in the face of challenge

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